Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump


The Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump is an innovative, attractive, and light weight pump capable of single and double pumping function. The Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump is a great revolutionary 2-phase electric breast pump. If you are looking for a portable, flexible pump for expression to establish breast milk, the Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump is a great choice for you. The inbuilt battery allows it be very portable and handy, making pumping easy and not being tied down to sit near the electric outlet. The lightweight and small size of the pump even allows you to walk with it from room to room, if need to, especially when wearing a hands free pumping bra. Spectra pumps have a closed system feature, which prevents backflow of milk by creating a physical barrier between the pump and the breast milk, making safety and hygiene the top most priority.

The flexibility of programming the cycle length and suction strength of the pumping to individualized comfort is an additional positive feature in this pump, allowing comfortable and effective pumping sessions. The Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump has a dual phasic technology which imitates the sucking pattern of a breastfeeding baby. When you first begin pumping, the pump will be set on the “massage” mode, which mimics a short shallow mode to stimulate the letdown reflex, promoting the beginning of the milk flow process. Once the flow of milk has started, you can select the “expression” mode mimicking the breastfed baby’s spontaneous rhythmic, deep and slow sucking pattern enabling effective milk expression. This a great feature for mother’s with fewer or slower let-downs, allowing them to go back and forth between the two modes. The amount of suction can be changed to a comfortable level for both the massage mode/let-down phase and expression mode. Thus, this pump is a great buy for expression of an establish milk supply and great for stimulation also for the purpose of increasing milk supply.



  • Back Flow Protection: prevents contamination of the pumped milk from bacteria, viruses and molds. This feature assist in keeping the tubing dry by preventing any airflow between the tubing and breast milk. There is no hassle to clean the narrow tubing, which makes hygiene and safety easy to maintain.
  • Individualizing your pump setting to your comfort: Dual phase pumping cycle with complete adjustable options to switch between let-down and expression mode. Thus, selecting the maximum comfortable suction setting that works best for your pumping experience in expressing the most breast milk in less time.
  • Automatic Shut-off at 30 minutes of pumping session.
  • Portable: lightweight of less than 1 lb, and it is powered with an AC adapter.

Material type: BPA free, made of environmentally friendly material like PP (polypropylene) and LSR (liquid silicone), promoting safely sterilizing parts via boiling in water.


  • Spectra M1 Personal breast pump motor unit with in-built rechargeable battery
  • Double breast pumping and collection system including
  • 2, 25.0mm breast flanges, 2 milk collection bottles with universal thread. Locking rings and discs, 2 valves, 2 tubing, 2 Bottle Holders, and an AC Power Adapter/rechargeable battery.


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