I Would Highly Recommend Your Lactation Consulting Services

Thank you, thank you, thank you Safiya! I can’t even tell you how helpful you were during my entire breastfeeding process. Breastfeeding was such an important part of giving birth for me. You not only answered all my questions, but you also eased my fears and concerns about breastfeeding. You gave me the confidence that I could give my baby the best of me for nutrition.  As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have the medical background and understand the concepts of breastfeeding but somehow, when you become a mom, the fears and concerns of “it not working” were always on my mind. However, because of you, every step, from my prenatal to postnatal visits, made me stronger and better equipped me with the tools I needed to be successful. I would highly recommend your lactation consulting services to any and every mom-to-be. Once again, thank you for making my lactation journey, a beautiful one!

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