By Rashmi Momin, Sugar land, Texas

Thank you, thank you, thank you Safiya! I can’t even tell you how helpful you were during my entire breastfeeding process. Breastfeeding was such an important part of giving birth for me. You not only answered all my questions, but you also eased my fears and concerns about breastfeeding. You gave me the confidence that I could give my baby the best of me for nutrition. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have the medical background and understand the concepts of breastfeeding but somehow, when you become a mom, the fears and concerns of “it not working” were always on my mind. However, because of you, every step, from my prenatal to postnatal visits, made me stronger and better equipped me with the tools I needed to be successful. I would highly recommend your lactation consulting services to any and every mom-to-be. Once again, thank you for making my lactation journey, a beautiful one!

By Salma Maredia, Sugar land, Texas

Delivering my 1st child Aaliya, Safiya Hafizi, a lactation specialist came to my greatest help in assisting me to breastfeed my daughter. Everything was new for me but she kept encouraging me to exclusively breastfeed and explained me its significance. Her calm personality and dedication made me very comfortable and because of her knowledge and experience I was successful in breastfeeding my baby. I remember she coming to the hospital and reinforcing to do skin to skin and helping me feed Aaliya with a deep latch. Now I have a 2nd child Aalim who is 4 months old and because of my previous experience and knowledge I am able to exclusively breastfeed him. I am very thankful to Safiya for her support and dedication in helping me to breastfeeding my both children’s which will play a significant roll in shaping their healthy future.

By Sophia Mahmood, Rosenberg, Texas

As my lactation specialist, I must say I am very Thankful to have Safiya Hafizi by my side. Since I was a first time mother, I was having a very tough time having my son latch on. I did my research, watched videos and also spoke with my OB/GYN and Pediatrician on a regular basis, but that was not enough, which is when I consulted with Safiya Hafizi. There was an instant bond and I was very comfortable sharing my concerns with her. She walked me through the entire process demonstrating various techniques and the do’s and don’ts. What I appreciated most was the constant followup, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone. It’s been 13 months today and I am still breastfeeding. I highly recommend Safiya Momin for her knowledge and experience. THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH!!!!

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  1. My baby was discharged with slight jaundice and I could not get him to wake up to feed or latch on properly. I was in a panic, at the verge of tears when my pediatrician office referred me to Safiya, and I called immediately. The call back was immediate and scheduled for an in house training for the very next day (I live in Needville, outside of Rosenberg, TX). Thanks to Safiya and her patience, I was able to get my baby to feed, and re-learn the breastfeeding techniques at my own home, my own environment. She made me confident of what I am doing and know that I am able to do it properly. After the session, she kept in touch daily with me to make sure everything was fine and kept giving positive reinforcements, which helped to boost my moral when they baby is fussing. Again, thanks to Safiya, I am more confident to be a first-time mom and to know that I’m doing the right thing for my baby.

  2. Melanie Tillman

    I encountered many unexpected breastfeeding obstacles, including twins born slightly early with tongue and lip ties, high palates, and fatigued from jaundice, while I experienced issues with low supply. Safiya was wonderful in providing me with the help that was specufically targeted for our needs and situation. She worked with me and made recommendations and adjustments as needed to provide us with recommendations that were right for our family. Safiya truly is genuine in her care and concern for the family’s success. She also noticed the tongue and lip ties that our other doctors had missed, which led to breastfeeding difficulties and was able to provide recommendations for this. Safiya was very knowledgeable, experienced, and provided a calm demeanor in helping us in our time of need. She was also great with following up with us. I don’t think we would have made it as far as we have without her help. We are very greatful that we found Simply Lactation. Thank you for everything!

  3. As a physician, I cannot emphasize the importance of breastfeeding. What I didn’t realize were the difficulties that I would encounter when I started breastfeeding my newborn. Simply Lactation was there on the third day helping me understand the basics, and techniques for better latching, and newborn bonding. Safiya was a huge help. It was very convenient since I got a same day appointment and there was great followup. Thankyou for being a great resource!

  4. Jessica Waites

    This is my first baby and I was pretty concerned about not being able to breastfeed for as long as I had planned. I was very relieved the day Safiya came to my home to help me with this issue. My friends and family that knew about the challenges I was facing have all been told how helpful Safiya was for me. I would definitely refer her to anyone who needs any type of help or guidance in this area. Her caring, knowledge and support were deeply appreciated, plus she had followed up with me several times and made it very clear that I could contact her for any further questions. I highly recommend.

  5. The consultation with Safiya was a life-changing experience. I was about to give up on breastfeeding my baby, which was going to be sad for me because my newborn son was so eager to latch on and breastfeed. However, since I did not know the proper technique to latch him on, my nipples had been badly traumatized with gashes and bleeding. I was very apprehensive about continuing breastfeeding and was going to just pump the milk and bottle-feed the baby, as I had done for my first child since he had difficulty latching as well. My husband contacted Simply Lactation and Safiya came over for the consultation. She was very calm, focused, and patient with me. She could clearly see that I was full of fear of being further injured. She set small goals and helped me through feeding my son and that feeding was a success. She also examined my son’s tongue for tongue-tie and she mentioned that he had some and we should get it further evaluated. She referred us to a doctor in The Medical Center. Getting the procedure done to correct the tongue-tie was very simple but it changed everything for breastfeeding my son. His latch improved significantly so that he is feeding much more efficiently and it drastically reduced my pain level. If Safiya had not taught me the correct technique and had not made us aware of the tongue-tie, I would have given up by now. But, I have breastfed my son for a week now and I hope to continue doing it as long as I can. Safiya was accessible by phone and text after the consultation and she continued to answer all our questions and get us through further obstacles this week. Safiya is a blessing, and don’t think twice about calling her if you are having breastfeeding issues, just go ahead and do it! You will never regret it!!!

  6. I cannot even find the words to express how thankful I am for all your help Ms. Safiya! When I was just about to give up due to my frustrations, you restored the strong conviction I had about breastfeeding. I was at wits end! I am so glad I found you otherwise I would have walked away from this whole ordeal. Again, I will forever be grateful for everything you’ve taught me. Breastfeeding is such a pleasurable bonding moment with my son, and that is because of you, thank you!!!

  7. a big THANK YOU to mrs. momin for her help with my son and proper latching techniques! i wasnt planning on getting a lactation consultant but i am sooooo happy i finally did, especially one with such expertise. my nipples were cracked and sore, and on the 6th day i thought “well, this is it, i will just have to hurt like this until my nipples lose nerve endings.”. but she was a savior and now my nipples are healthy again!

  8. Safiya has been a blessing for me. I’m pretty new to breastfeeding, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. After having my daughter, I knew something was wrong because my nipples started to crack severely. Safiya helped me to find a way to get healed quickly! Safiya has been amazing at answering all of my questions and concerns. Couldn’t of done it without her! Thank you!

  9. By the time I called Safiya I was almost at the point of giving up. As a first time mom I was frustated. I had supplemented due to fears that my milk was not enough and now my 2 week old would only take the bottle. Safiya was awesome she quickly noticed some latching problems due to a lip tie as well as some breast aversion.
    In no time she had my son lacthing, but more importantly she helped me learn the techniques to effectively latch him on my own. She also helped me gain confidence. Even then the first 24 hrs were rough but Safiya called and reinforced the techniques and my confidence. Now at 3 weeks you would never guess that my baby had initial problems breastfeeding. I would recommend Safiya to any struggling mother.

  10. Safiya has been wonderful since the moment she came to my house. I was a struggling, first time mom. I was scared and unsure of breastfeeding! She came over reassured and showed me a different technique. Her help and assistance did not stop there, she was always willing to answer text or phone calls with any questions. She has been a great support system these past 10 months!

  11. Safiya and Erika are so helpful! They completed an in home visit for me and my daughter. They completed an evaluation of everything from how she was latching, to her behavior, to how I was holding her, to even how efficiently she was receiving milk from the breast. They helped me figure out how to hold her better, and how to help her latch. In the few days after our appointment they still provided excellent tips and help over the phone. My daughter and I are still working somethings out, but with their help we are making giants strides everyday.

  12. I can’t thank or reccomend simply lactation enough!! I’m currently doing my first breastfeeding after the consult and I have NO PAIN!!! Previously the latch pain would almost bring me to tears. One session with simply lactation (which she came to our house which is so convenient!) and I have so much more confidence with my breastfeeding. She was so kind and intelligent, answered all of our questions and didn’t make us feel silly for any of our weird questions. She showed me how to use our pump, and said I can call or text her with any questions we think of. If you have any issues with breastfeeding or are on the fence about getting a consult, just do it. It is money well spent and so worth it and you can’t go wrong with simply lactation. She is AMAZING

  13. Even as a second time mom I was really struggling with breastfeeding. It seemed like my milk supply wasn’t enough so we began supplementing with formula right away. This probably hurt my supply even more, but I was having problems getting my son to latch and stay latched for a proper feeding, so I felt I needed to supplement. By just 4 days old my son was screaming at the breast and refusing to latch so I was near giving up altogether. Out of desperation I called Simply Lactation which turned out to be a great idea. Safiya was great at the home visit, helping me figure out the proper positioning/holding and latch techniques and devised a plan to increase my supply. I’m happy to say at over 2 weeks old, we aren’t having any more problems latching and we aren’t using any more formula as my supply has increased and my son is gaining weight adequately! Highly recommend these services if you’ve had s rough start to breastfeeding and want to get back on track.

  14. I called Simply Lactation and scheduled an appointment with Safiya the same day. I was having difficultly with sore and cracked nipples and my baby was not latching properly. Safiya was patient and encouraging. She answered all of my questions and reassured me that in time we would master this skill. She showed me pictures so I could visualize a correct latch, the variations of lip and tongue ties that babies have (my son just had a mild upper lip tie), and she gave me recommendations on nipple care to relieve the pain. I appreciate the time and effort she put into our appointment to make sure I felt comfortable positioning and checking for an effective latch on my own. She was professional and friendly. I would recommend her to any mom facing breastfeeding issues.

  15. Sherbanu budhwani

    This is simply the best place to resolve all ur issues related to breastfeeding. Ms Safiya a kind and generous lady has helped me turn my situation around. From my baby refusing to taking my breast milk which is heartbreaking to feeding him 40 mins is the most satisfying feeling for a mother. Ms. Safiya knows the techiniques and has the tools to get u and ur baby back on track. I highly recommend simply lactation to all mother looking to change their situation. The best part is they come to your home and support you all the way. It’s possible when u have Ms. Saifya to guide you. My Deep gratitude to Ms. Safiya. Thank you!!!

  16. Safiya is simply amazing!! She geninuly understands the need of the hour and offers creative solutions. With my first born she understood our sensitivity and gave us the calming reassurance that we needed. She was always available and went out of her way to help us. I wouldn’t recommend any one else after meeting her. Keep up the good work Safiya!!

  17. Safiya is an absolute life saver. My wife and I were new parents to a new born baby girl and were just starting to learn what we were doing. Breastfeeding was something we were very anxious about but after we had our first consultation with Safiya our worries slipped away. First, we had to call Safiya at ~6 PM on a Friday and we were pleasantly surprised that she was able and willing to come to our home for our first visit on the morning of the very next day, Saturday! Truly a life saver as we were very worried that we wouldn’t be able to receive the help we needed until the following Monday. Second, she eased my wife’s worries with her deep knowledge of breastfeeding. The way she explained it to us made it simple and easy to remember. Last and most important, she truly cares about the comfort and success of her patients and their babies!

  18. Safiya was the one who explained the importance of breast feeding to me right from the time I was pregnant.
    We had sessions over video calls where she demonstrated how to get a proper latch and even checked if I’m doing it properly.
    Even though we were in different time zones(me being in India) Safiya made sure she is always approachable.
    Talking to her has definitely eased my breast feeding journey so far.

  19. Safiya was recommended to me by my pediatrician, and I am beyond impressed with my initial consultation. She was so encouraging, helpful, and patient. She answered all of my questions and provided several helpful feeding techniques that I’d had issues with. My baby arrived earlier than expected, and I hadn’t even opened my breast pump yet. I was a bit intimidated to use it and she opened it, showed me how she put it together and explained the features, and helped me use it on her first visit. I am looking forward to working with her for future appointments.

  20. Safiya is a God sent, I can’t recommend her enough! If you are looking for lactation support, trust me and look no further, Safiya is who you want to help you. She is knowledgeable, caring, professional and honest.

    If you like more details, here’s my story.

    I’m a new first time mom, I delivered vaginally 8 days ago in a hospital without water in the middle of a once in a lifetime Texas freeze. I had a terrible labor and because of the freeze we could only see the lactation specialist in the hospital for 2 min on discharge day. She took one look and said latch was fine. In the next days, my nipples started hurting more and more, and blistering, cracking snd bleeding to the point where I could not even wear anything on them and I would cry if trying to latch or pump. We resorted to exclusively pumping and had to supplement with formula a lot because my supply had decreased so much due to the difficulty latching and pumping due to pain.

    After several days of crying and looking for help, a neighbor recommended Safiya. She replied right away and as soon as I told her of the issues we were having she called her other clients and rearranged her schedule to be able to see me THE DAY AFTER I called. She was extremely punctual, even early, and very careful with Covid measures (N95 and new gloves) and immediately stroke me as professional and competent. While we waited for my husband to change baby, she showed me the settings and usage of my pump, she checked flange size and my nipple condition and set up an electronic scale to do a weighed feed. After that, she showed me how to firmly and securely latch baby onto both breasts, in two different holds. Her instructions were extremely clear, simple and easy to follow. She made me do it myself several times to make sure I could do it once she left. I felt extremely confident to be able to do it alone. She explained why we do every single step so that it is also easy to remember because it is logical. We were able to feed on both sides, and even the cracked bleeding nipple did not hurt AT ALL when we latched how she explained. I am SO HAPPY! Once baby finished feeding on both sides on two different holds, she went over the use of nipple shields with me as well as medication ointments that my OB had prescribed just to make sure I could use those resources as well if needed. She then made sure I had everything clean, and wrote down the plan for feeding, pumping and increasing supply to match demand. She even let us borrow her really nice scale to do weighed feeds for a few days in order for us to be able to ensure baby gets enough and help us wean off formula.

    Over the whole visit Safiya was sweet, patient and knowledgeable and professional. When she arrived, I was on the brick of desperation, and had been crying every day for not being able to breastfeed and for being in a lot of pain. When she left, I felt confident to be able to restart my breastfeeding journey without pain and with the right knowledge and support to be successful.

    Thank you Safiya for giving me and baby the gift of breastfeeding!

  21. This service is so helpful. My son was born preterm at 35 weeks and has been a sleepy preemie. After 1 session with Safiya, we have a comprehensive feeding plan that will hopefully lead to him being able to exclusively breastfeed! Thank you Simply Lactation and especially Safiya!

  22. I called Safiya and voiced my concerns on how my son as a tongue tie and needed to be seen right away! Safiya was super sympathetic and got me in for an appointment the following morning! She is simply amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I would highly recommend her!

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