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Breastfeeding Support

Simply Lactation aims to assist mothers in breastfeeding through an in-home lactation consultancy service.
We Accept Aetna, Cigna & BCBS Insurance.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Our goal is to help families be well prepared for their lactation needs and feel confident at birth in beginning their breastfeeding journey. The prenatal online classes are available through your insurance and are free of cost to you. 

Recommended Products

Our team is here to support you during every stage, whether it be nap time, feeding time, or any other crucial moments. In addition, we have hand-selected a selection of products that we highly recommend to aid you on your lactation journey.
Safiya Hafizi (RN, IBCLC, FNP-C) is the consultant behind Simply Lactation. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you and your family. Our primary focus is on assisting you in achieving your breastfeeding and chestfeeding aspirations while also playing a significant role in your journey as new parents. We understand that nursing a baby (or multiple babies) can present various obstacles along the way. Therefore, our aim is to guide you through these challenges by conducting thorough assessments and providing ongoing support and empowerment.
In-Home Visit

Lactation Support for Every Stage

Our services are tailored to support you throughout the journey of expecting to birth and into toddlerhood. Whether it’s nap time, feeding time, or any other time, we’re here for you. Select your respective stage to explore our comprehensive range of services catered specifically to meet your needs.
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
3-12 Months

#1 Lactation Consultant In Texas

Breastfeeding is a natural process and a beautiful way of bonding with your baby. Our mission is to simplify breastfeeding through prenatal education, post-birth hands-on feeding assistance, and to provide support for any other challenges new moms may face in the early postpartum period. Our goal is to serve you at the comfort of your home and to help your feel empowered in reaching your breastfeeding goals.


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We Accept Aetna, Cigna & BCBS Insurance.

Accept Major Insurance

We accept Aetna, BCBS & Cigna insurance. No out of pocket cost. Most insurances cover up to 6 visits as part of preventive medicine under Obama Care. We also offer out of pocket consultation providing you with LVR to bill your own insurance.

Personalised Support

Our goal is to provided a comprehensive visit with detailed assessment in understanding the challenges. We understand every mother is unique and so is her goal with lactation.

Easy & Practical Plan

We offer flexible, easy to follow and researched based care plan tailored to your needs. Frequent follow up via calls/text messages to help you offer the continued support even after your visit.
Our Services

Lactation Services We Offer

Our mission is to equip parents with the essential knowledge and confidence to trust their innate instincts and biological understanding. We believe in empowering parents through education, enabling them to make informed decisions for their children’s well-being.

Prenatal Support

This initial consultation is designed to support and guide expecting parents on their journey. Through a comprehensive assessment and educational session, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve your personal feeding goals for your baby.

Lactation Support

Our lactation visits provide professional support to address your breastfeeding or chestfeeding concerns. We are dedicated to helping you overcome any challenges you may encounter and equipping you with the necessary tools for success.

Support Group

Join our small group sessions to engage in meaningful discussions with fellow new parents. These sessions are designed to provide valuable support & guidance in achieving your breastfeeding & chestfeeding goals. These sessions are available to both existing clients & individuals seeking lactation support.

What Our Clients Say

We empower parents by providing them with the necessary education and self-assurance to rely on their natural instincts and biological knowledge.

Natalie Baba
Natalie Baba
I am loving my appointments with Safiya. As a new mom who had an emergency c section… I was having trouble producing milk and getting my baby to latch. Safiya has been patient, reassuring and has helped me feel more confident trying to continue nursing. I especially appreciate her being able to come to me as I haven’t quite gotten the hang of traveling with my baby just yet. Thank you for everything, Safiya!
Courtney Price
Courtney Price
Wonderful experience!
Saijad Dhuka
Saijad Dhuka
We had the pleasure of working with Safiya, who visited our home to help us with breastfeeding. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She took the time to understand our concerns and provided us with a wealth of information and resources that were invaluable. Her expertise and guidance helped us overcome some of the challenges we were facing with latching. She was patient, kind, and compassionate throughout the entire process. We felt comfortable asking her questions and discussing our concerns with her. We are so grateful for her help and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of lactation support.
shalini reddy
shalini reddy
Had a great experience with Safiya. She is very encouraging and supportive of my lactation journey.
Estefania Oliva
Estefania Oliva
She gave me hope in the midst of my baby blues. I decided to try her out after a friend highly recommended her. I was about to throw in the towel for breastfeeding and pumping and just turn to formula due to desperation but she was so sweet and reassuring she came up with a plan that fit with my goals and gave me very helpful advice on pumping.I left my session feeling hopeful and reinvigorated.
Chelsea Deleon
Chelsea Deleon
Safiya is extremely helpful and is very patient as well as awnsering all my questions she is very knowledgeable I learned so so much just in the first visit! Definitely would recommend to anyone especially, first time moms like me. 😁
Akshaya Ganesh
Akshaya Ganesh
Safiya from Simply Lactation has been so helpful in my breastfeeding journey. She showed me how to latch my newborn even with a tongue tie and has also clarified a lot of doubts about pumping and how to boost milk supply. Would definitely recommend her expertise to anyone looking for help with their BF journey.
Shaheryar Ali
Shaheryar Ali
One visit here and we are already seeing the results. Highly recommend.
Nancy Huynh
Nancy Huynh
I was very close to giving up with breast pumping at 5 months due to incorrect flange size but Safiya was able to identify the problem. She gave me tips on how to heal and within 3-4 days, I am back to breastfeeding and pumping. Its nice to have an at home lactation specialist and someone that is quick with text communication when you have questions.
I didn’t have any milk in the first four days after giving birth to my baby. When we met Safiya on day five, she provided professional, detailed, and thorough help. I started to have milk on the day we met, and gradually produced more milk with her help. We’re so grateful to meet Safiya as my LC.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Lactation Consultant?

A Lactation Consultant is an expert trained in assisting mother with breastfeeding and challenges related to lactation. At Simply Lactation, we are International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).. Read more

How can a Lactation Consultant Help?

Our Lactation Consultant helps educate, assist, support and empower a lactating mother by helping her understand the norms of a breastfeeding journey and techniques in resolving or lessening a breastfeeding issue… Read more
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